Friday, May 5, 2017

This is what I was upto in last 3-4 days..

This is what I was upto in last 3-4 days..

We successfully completed our First Trading & Investing Workshop in Delhi on 30th April Sunday.

The Seminar was at Park Plaza, Delhi ! I was more than overwhelmed with the response of the participants

You can check the pictures of the seminar here - Click here


Our Next Seminar is in Ludhiana, Punjab in month of JUNE :-)

Before Flying off to Delhi on 26th Apr 2017 we booked profits in our HIDDEN GEM - IIFL HOLDING

We had entered IIFL HOLDING on 13th Feb at 330-340 levels and booked it at 500 levels

I had also mentioned this stock in my Video here [ https://youtu.be/5v30KUx_IJA ]

Amazing 50% returns in few weeks holding, Just see this snapshot of the ZERODHA DEMAT A/C

Now the reason behind recommending this Stock was simple logic :

'' IIFL Holdings was sold off during demonetization in month of November 2016. At 350 when we bought it, it was barely trading at 10x FY18 earnings. Basically market is a transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient. Everyone knew demonetization was going to affect the economy for max 1-2 quarters and then growth would return but IIFL was sold as if the company was going bankrupt. IIFL was a situation where it was a god sent gift but no one wanted it. Was very typical. It was a call on valuation. We were getting a 100rs note for price of 50rs."

Now hope you remember my personal pick Avanti Feeds which has given me 100% returns - Recall here

Today I am sharing another Pick of Mine Swaraj Engines - which is up by 100% - see the snap shot here

Check out one of our another Hidden Gem Stock which we are still holding FEL [ Future Enterprise Ltd ]

Is now up by 98% and we still holding this for Higher Gains, as targets here is high :-)

See the snap shot of the SHARE KHAN D.P A/c : Click here

I hope you know the news behind this stock, expect more firework in coming days !

We have released a New Hidden Gem few days back Recall here

[ https://youtu.be/a5TML1MvAWc ]

My message here is simple that if u want to achieve financial freedom you need to combine Investing + Trading [ only trading will not give u much returns in the long run ]

Infact Investing builds the foundation of the building and trading adds on to the Floors, so if you want to make a TALL building make sure the foundation is STRONG :-)

If you still haven't please see this Video of mine on the Real Truth of Stock Markets which have been watched 20,000+ times in a week


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Sokhi Team has its own algorithm in doing so, We do not rely on 3rd Party Research.

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