Saturday, May 6, 2017

All I did was nothing ....

All I did was nothing ....

Just bought Good Companies with Good Management, kept my patience and this is the returns - Click here

As you see here the my investment picks are up by 123%, 99%, 98%, 96%, 85%, 82%

Now all these companies have a Strong Fundamentals with a great management and as long as their EPS [ Earning Per Share ] goes up..

....I am more than happy to be a part owner of these wonderful businesses :-)

VOOOW ! I feel so gooooood :-)

Now here is a take, in a Bull Run even a company with weak fundamentals can give you great returns but that's just good luck which may happen once or twice

Its like 9 wickets down in a cricket match and the bowler hitting the ball for a boundary..

So here is my advice for you *** '' It's not important to make money in market....It's very important to make money the right way "

So its very important to make sure that your hard earned money goes in great companies with great management :-)

Note : Being a Sebi Registered Investment Advisor I avoid buying the same stock as my Clients :-)

In last few days our SOKHI HIDDEN GEMS Members have made money in following Stocks :

GIC HOUSING from 340 to 505 - 49% [  Recall here ]

IIFL HOLDINGS from 330 to 500 - 50% [ Recall here ]

Piramal Enterprise from 1820 to 2605 - 43% [ Recall here ]

Now I shall explain you as to why we recommended Piramal Enterprise as a SOKHI HIDDEN GEM in Feb 2017 :

# PEL is run by Ajay piramal who is one of India's best promoters. For him, shareholders come first. He has a history of creative amazing value for shareholders. So firstly it was a bet on the jockey that promoter is actually wanting shareholders to make money.

# Secondly, Piramal had indicated that they will demerge their financial, pharmaceutical and IT businesses over the next 18 months..(As you know, demergers are one of the biggest value creators in markets...and this is no different. Infact this is a classy demerger of one of the best promoters...a great combination!)

# Lastly, Earnings !! Company is growing in excess of 32% every year which makes it a no brainer. After Rera and affordable housing push, it's 33% growth looks like it can be maintained easily or even rise. (Pel main business is real estate financing which will benefit immensely with Rera and affordable housing push).

Now tell me don't you think this is a company with Great Fundamentals ?

If you still haven't please see this Video of mine on the Real Truth of Stock Markets which have been watched 22,000+ times in few week


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Sokhi Team has its own algorithm in doing so, We do not rely on 3rd Party Research.

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