Thursday, May 18, 2017


As you know I am making my dream house in Salt Lake City, Kolkata

I usually visit this site on weekends.

The last time when I was at the site, I was surprised to see that the carpenter was not using FEVICOL

I have never seen this "New brand" and I felt that may be he was trying to save some bucks here using a inferior brand.

I clicked the picture - see here as a proof !

Right-away I called my Interior and asked him about this "New Brand" and my interior informed me that this brand is better than FEVICOL

We all know Fevicol Brand belongs to PIDILITIE INDUSTRIES

This stock has moved from 50 to 750 levels..more than 15X returns and has created massive wealth for its share holders

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Next day as soon as I reached my office I searched for the company which owned this ''NEW BRAND"

VOOOW ! I was amazed to see that this company is listed in BSE :-)

I did the basic checkup on the financial health and found it interesting...the best things what I noticed was that the promoter has bought 3% equity in q4 from open market.

After all, who knows the company better than its own promoter ?

98% of the times the stock react positively after promoter buying - when promoters buy shares of their own company, it is usually because they think the future looks promising and the business will do better :-)

We have recommended this as our Hidden Gem for May 2017....

If you need to find out more about this company see this Video - [ https://youtu.be/kbnDbBe9O3I ]

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