Monday, May 22, 2017

Avanti Feeds up 175% - Let Compare this is to TRADING !

My Investment Pick - Avanti Feeds is now up 175% ! Click here to Verify

Now lets compare this return to trading.

While trading we look for 2-3 % returns, now lets assume 5% (which is very unlikely too)

So in order to get 175% returns I need 30-35 trades each giving me 5% returns.

And I need this 30-35 trades to be winning trades one after another

Do u think its possible *** ?

We normally trade for 2-3% returns and we make 10,000 - 15,000 intraday profits and next day we loose 5,000 - 7,500 or even more :-)

So normally most traders become Fed Up and  Quit trading within 1 year of facing continuous losses... but lets assume you still continue trading.

So in order to get 35 winning trades and considering the loss making trades let me assume it shall take me 1.5 yrs approx to get this return.(which is very unlikely too)

Also consider the hours and time spent along with the physiological trauma for undertaking so many trades.

Now compare this to Investing - I buy a good company with good management , strong fundamentals and I sit patiently.

And see my return 175% - wihout doing anything just sitting down quietly, don't u think this is POWERFUL ??

I am not even considering the dividends received by me :-)

Now why I picked my AVANTI FEEDS was simple, normally as investors we look for companies with a ROE ( Returns on Equity ) of 20-30%.

And here I see a company growing 50-60% annually with a dynamic MD ( Managing Director) Indra Kumar ji - this is no Brainer - JACKPOT for investors like me..

If want to know more about AVANTI FEEDS - read this very interesting article written

And the results is in front of you all :-)


BELOW is the FEEDBACK received form our Sokhi Team Family Members in last few days :-)

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** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sir, my name is Murthy from karnataka..I joined for 3 months subscription in 21 march 2017...I am relay happy about your service. I cannot express my felling in words..your service is great Sir...Now i would like to join as life time member, please inform me how much i have to pay..thanking you ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello sir ji..I m fully satisfied with ur services and want to subscribe to ur hidden gems service...Can u tell me if I can subscribe over a longer period and get good discount like a life membership or at least 5 year's subscription ? Pls let me know. Regards ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Chanpreet,Pleasure talking to you just now...I have purchased the following as per your suggestions and it has given 122% return in very short span of time.
Company : WEBSOLAR..Websol Energy System..its really a gem..Thanks ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Chanpreet.Mail below for your information..I was away from mumbai for couple of weeks and returned yesterday and made the payment for Hidden gems..Due to some in intended confusion. I missed the wagon PEL..Anyways..Payment is made..Thanks..Binod singh ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Chan Preet Sir, I am eager to become Life member. I am getting astonishing returns from past 4 months..So, what is the amount to be paid to become Life Member for Sokhipaid Trading...Thanking you..]

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