Thursday, July 31, 2014

Letters of Appreciation from Real Traders doing Real Trades with SOKHI TEAM - Join for August Series TODAY - www.RealTradesIndia.com

Dear Investors,
Hope you are doing good on this wonderful day. This week we have received many email from our SOKHI TEAM MEMBERS - who are just loving our unique style of trading + making money in stock with few handful of trades in a month. Incase **** you missed this Videos here they are - Video 1
- Fast Track trades - [ Over 2,000+ Views ] and Video 2 - When to go LONG [ 500+ views ]

Here are the Snap of Email which we have received - Read them carefully **** this tells alot about us :-)

**Click here if the Image doesn't loads or click here to enlarge. [ " sir i am thankful that you have taught me how to love and live with stock market.The day i entered the stock market nine years back i new nothing about it .I even lost around 90000 in it . I took the help of adviser who used to provide me calls charged me 13000 for a month but of no use . instead booked a loss of 7000 . then by the grace of GOD i found you .today i am more confident when i touch the market. but there is a lotttt to learn from you.YOU are not the person but a true angle a teacher to whome we can hold the finger and walk with closed eyes .  wanted to hold the finger throughout life.THANKING YOU . I JASDEV SINGH from patiala punjab PH09872XXX10 " ]

**Click here if the Image doesn't loads or click here to enlarge. [ " Hi Mr Sokhi, I am really impressed with your attitude toward the market. Once you decide then you definitely finish it with positivity. In the case of TTM I am really appreciating your work and patience. We are also become daring with your hand on us. You have a sense of market. I must say that you smells mkt before happening. i am petty sure that ttm will fetch good profit after all this THE CALL OF MONTH. We all are waiting for some explode to happen.
Thanks a lot for good work and keep us motivating " ]

**Click here if the Image doesn't loads or click here to enlarge. [ " Dear Sir, The Video you Posted on SMA GOLDEN CROSS OVER was excellent and highly educating for a novice like us . It teaches us the basics of trading as well as to wait for right opportunity with patience. Highly admiring job from you. All other tip makers give tips but not educate us so that their business goes on but YOU are very much different from them. I congratulate & thank you for having such a high morale. Keep it up sir we are regularly earning profits under your guidance. We would try to learn from it. Once Again thanks .Mitesh AXX "]

 **Click here if the Image doesn't loads or click here to enlarge. [ " Sir, let me congratulate you for putting such a fantastic video, you need to have a big heart to share it free to the public at large, that shows the kind heardtness of the sokhi team who sincerely want to help traders to make money in the market, for people like me who were groping in dark the 2 videos were fantastic, and the way you explained it was amazing, hats off to the sokhi team, let me assure you that you are doing a great job and you will grow in future like a banyan tree as traders like me are starved of genuine people like you, regards LG" ]

I invite you ** to JOIN our SOKHI TEAM for AUGUST SERIES :  HOW and WHY JOIN - OUR TEAM of TRADERS - Click here - http://sokhisharetips.blogspot.in/2014/03/why-and-how-to-join-sokhi-paid-services.html

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