Friday, July 25, 2014

Approach Stock Market as a Business !! [ TRADE with PLAN and COMMITMENT ]

Dear Investors,

Here is a mistake which many Traders make, they DON'T approach Stock Market as a business. They think its a MAGICAL place where they put in 50,000 - 1,00,000 capital and they will get 1,00,000 - 2,00,000 within few weeks !! Many traders still think its a place to GAMBLE wherein they put some amount PURELY to GAMBLE and TRY their LUCK, Result of both the traders are the same LOSS and only LOSS. And now all such traders have only one VIEW that NOBODY EARNS it STOCK MARKETS and that the RETAIL INVESTORS always LOOSE MONEY......isn't that funny :-)

SOKHI TEAM VIEW : ALL RETAIL Traders who DON'T Approach Stock Trading as Business will always LOOSE MONEY HERE :-)


1. We always APPROACH STOCK MARKET as a BUSINESS - Aim is to GET 10 % returns per month, WHICH comes to 100% returns in 10-12 months easily. NOW ask yourself WHICH BUSINESS GIVES you 100% RETURNS in 10-12 months ??? Isn't Stock Trading wonderful.

2. NOW ask yourself would you like to do a Business which assures you 100% returns with 12 months, I personally would love to...

3. Always plan your TRADE which means IF a trade doesn't goes your way what WILL YOU DO, DO you have a PLAN B ??? DO you have a STRATEGY to convert your LOSS Making TRADE into a PROFITABLE TRADE, Without AVERAGING ??? SOKHI TEAM always have a STRATEGY :-)

4. DO you think the ONLY way to TRADE is with STOPLOSS and TARGET ?? NOW here is an EYE OPENER - IF you TRADE with STOPLOSS and TARGET your PROBABILITY of Success is only 50% only 2 things will happen either STOPLOSS gets hit or TARGET :-) DO you think this style will make you a FORTUNE in STOCK MARKET - my answer is NO - NEVER !!

5. Do you the think THE BIG PLAYERS who PUT CRORES of MONEY into STOCK MARKET trade the same way you do with STOPLOSS and TARGET and if their STOPLOSS triggers they shall book CRORES of LOSS - the answer is NO they DO PURELY STRATEGIC TRADES - For them its ALWAYS a WIN WIN GAME :-)

JUST see below FEW TRADES WHICH we have SHARED with thousands of INVESTORS FROM 25th FEB 2013 till TODAY 23rd JULY 2015 NO LOSS in ANY TRADE.....WHAT you CALL this LUCK or STRATEGY ????? Here is the link http://www.mudraa.com/otheruserpro.php?loginid=deepak123ruby GO and VERIFY EACH TRADE 

See these Videos
which our SOKHI TEAM Members sent from all Over INDIAN and Abroad :-)

==> See Gaurav Jain VIDEO - Has MADE MORE MONEY in LAST 6 month, than we have he lost in last 1 year !
==> See Varun Ji VIDEO - Capital APPRECIATED from 2 LACS to 2.80 LACS in few months !
==> See S.Deol VIDEO - She trades from Cambridge, U.K - Lost 2.50 lacs before JOINING our SOKHI TEAM !
==> See S.Andrew VIDEO - He is Member of our Team from last 2 years, Trades from Middle East !
==> More Video coming soon..........

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