Monday, February 17, 2014

Interim Budget Highlights and how to get SOKHI FREE TRIALS (Nifty Futures, Nifty Options, Stock Futures and Stock Options)


Interim Budget Highlights:

ü   FY14 fiscal deficit to be contained at 4.6% of GDP

ü   FY15 fiscal deficit TGT at 4.1%

ü   FY14 CAD will be contained at $45 bn

ü   Added $15 bn of forex reserves in FY14

ü   Food inflation continues to remain the main challenge

ü   FY14 food grain production stands at 263 MT

ü   Fall in Manufacturing Investment worrying

ü   9 projects approved by DMIC Trust

ü   Cabinet Committee Cleared 296 Projects By Jan-end

ü   Farm Credit Seen At Rs.7.35Lk crore Vs Target Of Rs.7 lakh crore

ü   Added $15 Bn Of Forex Reserves In FY14

ü   FY14 GDP TO BE 4.9%

ü   FY14 Q3 & Q4 GDP growth to be at least 5.2%

ü   Reject Argument Of Policy Paralysis

ü   PSU enterprises' capex was Rs.2.57 lakh crore

ü   FDI Policy was liberalised to attract large investments

ü   To start 4 UMPPs in FY15

ü   UPA Govt has started gradual correction of diesel prices

ü   FY15 Central assistance to states seen at Rs 3.38 lakh crore

ü   To provide Rs 1,200 crore to North East states this fiscal

ü   FY15 Plan expenditure kept at Rs.5.55 lakh crore

ü   The govt remains fully committed to the #Aadhar for financial inclusion

ü   Fy15 subsidies at rs.2.46 lakh crore

ü   FY15 non-plan spend at Rs.12.07 lakh crore

ü   FY15 food subsidy at Rs.1.15 lakh crore

ü   FY15 fuel subsidy at Rs.65,000 crore

ü   FY15 defence spend to be Rs.2.24 lakh crore vs Rs.2.04 lakh crore

ü   FY15 capital infusion in PSU banks to be Rs.11,200 crore

ü   FY15 fert subsidy to be at Rs.76,000 crore

ü   Banks to lend Rs.8 lakh crore to Agri sector in FY15

ü   To give Rs.3,711 crore to Minority Affairs Ministry in FY15

ü   Moratorium for interest on Education Loans from March 2009 – December 2013

ü   To amend FMC act to strengthen commodity & derivatives market

ü   To liberalise Rs.-denominated bond market

ü   To finance Current Account Deficit through foreign flows

ü   Excise Duty cut by 2% for Cap Goods & Consumer Durables

ü   No changes in tax laws

ü   Excise Duty cut for small cars & bikes to 8%

ü   Excise Duty for SUVs cut to 24% from 30%

ü   Excise Duty on large & mid-segment cars cut to 20%

ü   FY15 Revenue Deficit pegged at 3%

ü   FY14 Revenue Deficit at 3.3%


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