Thursday, February 27, 2014

13++ Investors have taken a Decision in Last 3 days...Whats your PLAN for 2014 - Read Below IMPORTANT POINTS DISCUSSED to HELP YOU PLAN your JOURNEY....

Dear Investors,

Click here to Play this VIDEOLast in last 3 days we have added 13+ Investors to our Premium Group, they have taken a decision to trade with Commitment, they have taken a decision to trade with a Plan, they have taken a decision to do few trades but the Best ones and all of them will be doubling their Capital in next 8 - 10 months. I really don't know you or whats in your mind but My advice to you is to trade with commitment and to trade with Plan, if you are staring with 1.50 lacs capital and after1-3 months you have the same Capital or even less then you have just wasted your time, energy and Most Important your MONEY !!

Last Series we ended with 35,000+ Profits in 3 trades, this series we have Huge Target and if u wish to be the part of our Journey then rush ur mails to sokhitrading@gmail.com or Call us at 0923917626.
**Note : Even if you have 50,000 Capital you can start your journey with us**

Lets WELCOME All our Investor for the Month for FEB to SOKHI FAMIY : RAVINDRA URUDAI, Ashish Randhawa, S.Ramasamy, Ninaad Dagdu, Srinivasan SK, Faizan Ali, Abdullah Alfaruk, ravi singh, Updesh Dandriyal, Mojahidur Rahman, paul macharia, DAN PRADHAN, Manohar Sinha. Mithu Moroel, Dharmang Pandya, Manish Yadav, Nilesh Patel, A K LAKSHMI NARASIMHAN, gurdeep singh, selvam duraisamy, Ankit Khanna, Karandeep Pal, niraj motwani and Dilip kumar Dwivedi...

P.S : Last week I had the pleasure to visit THE GOLDEN TEMPLE, CLick to Play the Video here - Wishing an Awesome MARCH SERIES to ALL the Readers of our BLOG form SOKHI TEAM..GOD BLESS you ALL **** Click here to Play the Video***

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