Thursday, November 30, 2017

Avanti Feeds is up 501%

If you remember few days back on 10 September 2017 I shared this Video [ https://youtu.be/uYfMIAQ0T1E ]

In the above Video you can see *** Avanti Feeds up 325%

On Muhurat Trading Day i.e 19th October 2017 - Avanti Feeds is up 501%

Yes you are right ***** in just 19 Days it has given me another 175% gains..BALLE BALLE !

For you this may be UNREAL or MAGIC but for me its Power of  Investing and Compounding

Verify the 501% returns here >>

So now you see the  power of Investing in just 19 days without doing anything I am up by 50%....Cheers !

Ask your self today which asset class on plant earth can give you such returns ??

We have another good news for you one of our Hidden Gem has made new 52 week high on Muhurat Trading and made weekly breakout with good volumes see the charts below :

We have recommended this Stock at 60 levels...this is going to be turnaround " Past is not going to show the picture. It's all about the future. Revenue is expected to grow 33% in fy18. EBITDA Margin is expected to rise 2%.Signed new order worth 500cr spread over next few years "

On Muhurat Day we have 2 wonderful companies....One priced at 32 for TGT 75 given another Pick at 105 levels for TGT 200 in coming weeks :-)

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