Monday, June 19, 2017

Money is just an Instrument

Money is just an Instrument..

Its upto us what we want to do with this..the most important aspect here is not to get attached to money.

Use it to take care of YOU and your Family, use it to Help others, accumulate and use it to Educate Under Privileged Children.

I see many Traders / Investors ignore their Health which is the Most Important Aspect of Life -

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I feel more than happy to see when my SOKHI TEAM Members use the profits from trading / investing in such endeavors.

Meet Mr.Manu Sehgal from Lucknow, INDIA who followed us for almost 2-3 years before joining our SOKHI TEAM FAMILY.

Read below and see how he used MONEY :-)

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Chanpreet Paji, As always ... no words to Explain my delight while trading with you..Its always nice to see your message of taking trade... seems like a new cheque has arrived ....as a new messenger for making money in a very elegant way ever i found..thanks a lot .. always ... i earned around 18 k in this trade of Reliance capital..may god bless you with all the wishes you had to fulfill...really you have done a great job by helping people like us .. so i have started helping others...like i started feeding a poor blind every month..Be with us always..thanks once again..regards ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sir, Done payment for Lifetime membership. Today being auspicious day for starting or doing something new, instead of buying gold i am bought a life time relationship with you...Hope this will be the best ever investment i have ever done...kindly confirm the receipt...regards, Manu Sehgal.Lucknow..91XXXX222.]

If you want to know more about our trading style listen to these testimonials ==> [ https://youtu.be/y3tPFPASjDs ] [ https://youtu.be/qN0vf5RaJ4A ] [ https://youtu.be/Xrp5VRwudZg ]

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