Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Investors have the Liberty to stay from Market Noises :-)

Investors have the Liberty to stay from Market Noises :-)

Remember as an Investor there is nothing like Right time or Wrong Time, there is only Right or Wrong Stocks....

Below you can see few stocks from my personal portfolio - Avanti Feeds, Mannapuram Finance, Swaraj Eng & Mold-Tek Packaing.

Click here to see the returns - Up 217%, 125%, 101% and 94%

Now on 23rd May we have released a New Hidden Gem - at 109-111 levels for TGT 250+ in coming months...[ Click here to see ]

As an investor we always keep a minimum 4 quarters or 1 yr horizon..

Returns is always in hand of the markets, which can reward with few months or more than 1 yr but as long I know my hard earned money is invested in good company I am happy to HOLD :-)

Below are few more Insights about our HIDDEN GEM :

# They are into real estate business. Promoter has bought shares at 88 per share recently which gives immense comfort.

# They develops projects under JV format where they have no investment in land...which makes their business asset light and capex light.

# Their growth can be big and they do not need bank debt to grow unlike other big real estate developers who are mired in heavy debt and losses.

# Now, RERA was introduced recently, this holds the land owner accountable and punishable if the project get delayed or stalled and hence going forward, land owners will look to do JV partnerships only with reputed developers like our HIDDEN GEM !

#  At CMP is 120-121, I see am immense Wealth Creation Opportunity here..

In last few days our SOKHI HIDDEN GEMS Members have made money in following Stocks :

GIC HOUSING from 340 to 505 - 49% [  Recall here ]

IIFL HOLDINGS from 330 to 500 - 50% [ Recall here ]

Piramal Enterprise from 1820 to 2605 - 43% [ Recall here ]

Now incase you want to be part of our HIDDEN GEMS Services - Click here

Sokhi Team has its own algorithm in doing so, We do not rely on 3rd Party Research.

If u want our HIDDEN Gem Services - Click here to make the Payment @ Rs 15 ,000 for 12 months.

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