Monday, March 20, 2017


I forgot to mention that on 12th March 2017 was my daughters birthday, so basically it was a day of double celebrations along with HOLI !

As you remember in my last Video here [ https://youtu.be/mP042hrzrs0 ] we had booked Profits in our Positional Trades in REC and LIC HOUSING

Celebrated my daughters birthday at Alfresco, The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata but more than this I need to mention something of much importance which may save alot of your money..[ Add me on Facebook to soo the Birthday Pics >> ]

We at Sokhi Team don't BUY OPTIONS.

Here are some reasons as to WHY WE DON'T BUY OPTIONS ?

1. Options are mostly traded at Premium, hence buying Options is like buying a over priced product.

2. 90% of the Options of the World Markets expire Worthless or Zero.

3. If you have bought a CALL Options of a Stock of a far away strike price (OTM) 8 of 10 times you will still loose money even if the stock moves up.

4. Buying Options is as good as gamble or I say even worse.

5. In my 10 years of Career in Stock Markets I have never seen a Trader becoming Rich buying Options. ( I get calls daily from traders who have lost heavily in Options Trading )

6. Buying Options and getting returns like 100 - 200% sounds very Easy and Luring. My Parents have taught me what looks Easy and Attracts you is mostly most dangerous. Hence AVOID !

7. Options is primarily a Hedging Instrument ( to manage your Risk ).

8. Hence I always tell all my subscribers BUYING OPTIONS is the Best & the most Easiest Way of Loosing your Capital !

Now JUST think **** how many times you have bought options and seen the Premium coming down, I guess 8 out of 10 times you must have seen this , Instead of Buying Options if after Little Research if would have sold the same Options I bet you would have made money 9 out of 10 times if not 10 out of 10 times :-)

Options Sellers Always Make Money *****.

I hope you Profit from this Advice of Mine :-)

If you need to Learn More About Options - Read 101 Option Trading Secrets by Kenneth Trester - Click here to DOWNLOAD !!


*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Chanpreet Singh, Congratulations to you for the awesome call on REC LTD put writing. Made a clean profit of Rs.13200/- on two lots - sold at an average price of Rs.1.85 and covered at an average price of Rs.0.75. Could not enter LIC HSG future for want of capital..Once again emphasize is on your trade make PCSC (Patience, Capital Management, Strategy & Conviction), which followed religiously will definitely result in profits..Please continue the good work..Regards, Venu ]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Chanpreet ji. It was my first trade after joining SOKHI paid service. Made 7200 rupees. HAPPY HAPPY. THANK YOU SO MUCH..GOD BLESS YOU..Regards, Bala ]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ I am wondering how you and sokhi team find those money for us...great sir..to all sokhi team and you...i sold rec 140 put at 1.65 and today covered at .40..net 7500..profit...within 10 days..do such a great job for us..and may god bless all of us...thanks again..]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Sir,Just now saw your video and good to hear which gives so much confidence in trading...Happy to say that after exide and bharat financials I booked good profits in both LIC and REC trade. All the four positional trades gave us good profits...For your kind information I have invested in all the 5 hidden gems...Let me know when my service is getting over so that I can renew for lifetime subscription. Thanks in advance...Thanks & Regards Dinesh Kumar J ]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Thanks SOKHI team , for giving such a simple and guaranteed trades. I made 10K in this trade. Just holding patiently till you asked to sell. Fun part is i have no tension, transferred it to Sokhi...Thanks a lot , please give such trades more. God bless you. ]

*** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sir, I am a new sokhi team member, joined on 15.02.2017...This is my First positional trade i bought LICHFL and REC (option) each one lot and booked 8000, and 6000 Profit..Thank u so much..Regards ]


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