Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Real Traders or Fake Traders [ Part 2 ]

Do you remember how Mr.Pawan Ahir who managed to contact one of our SOKH TEAM Clients Mr. P Venu and asked him for his feedback about SOKHI TEAM ?

He need to satisfy himself before joining us whether we are Fake or Real Traders.

If you forgot then please recall from here [ Click here ]

Just Few days back Mr. Arun Prakash from Chennai, also managed to get details of one of our Sokhi Team Member Mr.Deepak Wagh from Nashik, Maharashtra

Most probably he searched him in either Facebook or Google :-)

Mr. Deepak Wagh is a Lifetime Member of SOKHI TEAM since 5th December 2015

You need to read the conversation carefully they had between them few days back - Click here to verify Arun's Query and Deepak's Reply

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Arun Ji, i joined sokhi team from December 2015, when market was in downtrend. but, Sokhi Team is only the mentor who teach to his members about capital management, patience, conviction, strategy about the trade. we all are members are blessed to have an membership of sokhi team. Now i am a lifetime member of sokhi team. Sokhi Team is a real trader, he is not only tips providers but he also teach how to convert our trade in profitable. and Arunji, believe me, NO ANY LOSS occured since i am joining with sokhi team. I am suggesting that you will also join as soon as possible with Sokhi Team & i am 100% sure that your all loss will be recover very soon if you follow all rules of Sokhi Team..Thanks for giving me an opportunity to speak about our Sokhi Team..Thanks, Reagrds, Deepak Wagh (Nashik - Maharashtra) ]

I thank Mr.Arun Prakash for going a Step Ahead and trying to find the Truth behind SOKHI TEAM and its due to his hard work that I am able to share this with you and all my 25,000+ newsletters subscribers.

This is I think **** is a very common question which even you may have and I hope it has been addressed in the best way possible :-)

Note : We are not MAGICIANS but we have unique trading technique ''PCSC'' to know more click here

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