Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sokhi Ki Jai ho :-) [ Why I keep on blowing my own trumpet always ]

Sokhi Ki Jai ho :-)

You must be thinking that I keep on blowing my own trumpet always...he he !

But I also believe that If you are good at something, then don't hesitate to tell the world. This is especially so when what you have to offer can make a big difference to the world.

Mistakes in Stock Markets are very expensive, I still remember when I was just 22 years old and ended up in 2 lakhs debt due to lack of knowledge and greed in Trading :-(

I felt TERRIBLE and Damn Frustrated as I had taken money from my close friends.

Video Testimonials and Appreciation Mails from my SOKHI TEAM MEMBERS motivates me work even harder and help as many traders and investors achieve financial freedom !

BELOW is an email from Mr. P Desai who joined our SOKHI TEAM on 15th NOVEMBER 2011 ( Almost 5 years back )

Mr. Desai seldom writes such appreciation mails infact in last 5 year this is his first mail to SOKHI TEAM - You must read this *** - [ Click here ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Chanpreet Sir and Team.. This is only to acknowledge the great work u r doing in the stock markets. I have been ur lifetime subscriber since last many years. But never have i felt any need to even look at the stock prices when u recommend any trades. I feel v confident coz u n ur take responsibility of the trade on ur shoulders n v subscribers can sleep tight leaving all da burden on u............In the last many years, u have stuck to ur mantra of patience and i have seen that out of 100 trades, all have given fantastic returns. I have to mention the trade of Sun TV which remained on our hold list for abt 4 - 5 months ( if i m not mistaken) but the patience paid off in a fantastic manner and we made more profits than any other trade, more than a lakh of rupees in a single trade.

I have lost a lot of money being a little impatient and made trades with some other seemingly famous websites like shXXXXXXXarch etc who not only duped me in a big way by asking for advance fees but i lost a lot of my capital in their trades. In case of Sokhi, I have never lost a single paisa and on top covered much of the losses made by these dubious people who bring bad name to stock trading. People who start trading with such people lose their confidence and stop trading in the share market. I call upon all such people to join Sokhi tips and recover their losses......Actually sir, u r doing a great social service by giving life membership at such a small price which these fraudsters charge for duping their customers on monthly basis. Ur delievery calls, i mean long term cash calls also have brought a lot of wealth to the members of this group.Also, u have been sharing many books written by famous stock market gurus with us free of cost.

Despite my long association with you sir, I have never congratulated or sent any messages encouraging ur efforts. However, I always acknowledged ur efforts and service to the investor and trader community. I wanted to join ur programme of learning technical analysis but have not been able to do so due to my hectic schedule. However, I shall join the said programme in the month of november this year....Again, wishing u and ur team, all da very best and God Bless ! ]

Remember blowing your trumpet doesn't mean having to be extrovert, brash, in your face and out there.

Gandhi was a very humble, down to earth, ordinary human-being but therein lay his power and authority. His power came from being very clear about who he was, his values and his mission.

We are not MAGICIANS but we have unique trading technique ''PCSC'' to know more click here

Recall the 4 trades in ADANI FUTURES from here :

5th August : Adani Port Futures from 227 to 231 - 2 lots - Profits 20,000+ [ Verify the Contract Note here ]

4th August : Adani Port Futures from 226 to 229 - 2 lots - Profits 15,000+ [ Verify the Contract Note here ]

2nd August : Adani Port Futures from 228 to 231 - 2 lots - Profits 15,000+ [ Verify the Contract Note here ] [ Part 3 of Adani Ports ]

28th July : Adani Ports Futures from 225 to 230 - 2 lots - Profits 25,000+ [ Verify the Contract Notes here ]  Part 1 of Adani Ports ] [ Part 2 of Adani Ports ]

SO in last 4 trades we have booked 10,000 + 9,000 + 7,500 + 12,500 = 39,000 Profits in 1 lot ! [ Normally we trade with 2 lots, so this makes 78,000 + ]

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