Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Heart-touching email from Mr. Rajkumar - Tamil Nadu, India

You shall Agree with me, respect if something which can only earn with your deeds

You cannot buy respect with money :-)

Tonight I am sharing with you a heart-touching email from Mr. Rajkumar from Tamil Nadu, India.

Note: Its bit long but I urge you to read it please with patience - Click here to Enlarge '' Heart Touching Email ''

[ Hi Charan: Note: My first appreciation letter to you sir, which I have not done to anybody in my lifetime. I know this mail is a bit lengthy. Please kindly tolerate. First of all, I want to thank you Charan Ji on behalf of Sokhi Team of Real Traders to have a mentor like you and I'm thanking God for it. I am at the verge of quitting from the stock market after a huge loss of nearly 2 lakhs 2 years back. As everybody does, I subscribed and happened to see your newsletters with lack of interest at the beginning in your trading style and calls, but after some time slowly I gained confidence and I am regularly seeing your newsletters for the past 1-1/2 years. When I approached you for the first time to start with trading in futures, your way of money management, which you have spoken to me and I still remember these words "Buddy, if you want to be in the market, you needed 2.5-3 lakhs, if not please stay away from the market". After few weeks, I tried calling you to join for the second time, but there was no hesitation in your mantra, you still said the same above phrase, where I built more confidence in you thinking that this person is different from traditional advisers and the right mentor for me. I joined Sokhi Team of Real Traders this month only. I missed my first call on Adani Ports due to some activation issues with my trading account. The second time, I fetched quite good profits on Adani Ports Futures. I made a cool profit of Rs. 7500 plus within 24 hours. What a call? I felt very happy which I have not in years. No words to praise you and your knowledge in stock market. What I'm going to give you in return than pouring my happiness of tears in your heart. May the God bless you and your family with good health and wealth. There are no words to praise you. We love u sir. Hats-off to your knowledge. I am hoping that we will be receiving more such calls in the future. Hoping to convert my subscription to a lifetime membership in a month or two...Best Regards, J Raj Kumar..Coimbatore..Tamil Nadu ]

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