Monday, June 27, 2016

Patience in Sun Tv futures Trade yields Rs 98,000 to Nehal Shah [ Join Sokhi Team of Real Traders ]

Hello Blog Readers,

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I hope you remember our last trade in Nifty 8000 Call where in we booked Amazing Profits [ See this Video of our Gmail Inbox to Verify ]

Just One Day before we booked Nifty 8000 Call we had booked MASSIVE PROFITS in SUNTV Futures..

Recall from here [ Shyam Makes 1 lac profits ] [ Sailan Dinesh Makes 1 lac ] [ Contract Notes of Suntv Trade + Appreciation Mails ] [ Testimony from Cambridge, U.K ]

TODAY I want to SHARE with an EMAIL from Mr. Nehal Shah who is a SOKHI LIFETIME MEMBER and made Rs 98,000 Profits in SUNTV Futures Trade :

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sirji, As mentioned in video sent few month back, Somehow I gained confidence in your style of trading from day one, that is why after 1st trade itself I converted my 1 yr membership to Life-Time. And I'm Happy I did the right thing. While many would have lost patience and missed the opportunity, I booked 1st lot on October when SUNTV went above 410 then 2nd lot now, Combined profit is mind boggling and I doubt someone doing daily trading would be getting this much with 2-3 lac capital in 5-6 months, I'm not counting other side calls. All I wish is you continue with your winning streak and being part of your team we will automatically get benefited. Anyone have doubt please remove, as this is "THE Genuine Trading Team" I have come across in last 10 years...regards...Nehal Shah ]

In the above testimony Nehal Shah forgot to Mention about How Much Profits he made in SUNTV Futures trade so he sent us an Email again :

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sirji, I'm sorry seems I forgot the same...In two tranches I made 46K + 52 K = 98K..regards, Nehal Shah +91 98256XXXXX ]

Nehal Shah has also sent us his Video Testimonial few months ago when he became a Life Time Member

See his Video in HINDI here - https://youtu.be/9xsEKOGV-6Q

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