Thursday, October 22, 2015

Contract Notes + 10 More Appreciation Mail of our SOKHI TEAM MEMBERS [ Join Real Traders ]

Hi there,

You can find the Contract Note of our Last Trade of NIFTY PUT OPTION WRITE - Click here

Also Before you proceed make go through the previous mails - [ PART 1 of NIFTY PROFITS ] [ PART 2 of NIFTY PROFITS ]


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TODAY I want to share with you 11 more APPRECIATION Mails from our SOKHI TEAM MEMBERS who enjoyed our LAST TRADE :

[ I don't want to show off or make you feel bad with such emails all I want to tell you is that Making Money in Stock Markets is all about Capital Management + Strategies + Patience + Conviction + Mindset. You can see the Videos of all traders of SOKHI TEAM at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Zczdi-oyFb1wgJQ4e9qjw/videos ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hello Sokhi ji, Am a very small trader with small capital... This is my second trade with our team.. (waiting for solid profit in first trade - sun TV ).Under your excellent guidance I got Rs. 3300 profit from 4 lots of nifty options trading..Even though I punch small quantity of Lot, am happy that I got good profit in very very short term and I strongly follow your capital management strategy...After seeing your videos, mails and sms regarding over trading, capital management I go by your concept of trading...Looking forward more such calls.. Happy to be part of Sokhi team..Thanks & Regards, Venkat..Chennai 809XXX77 ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Mr. Sokhi sir, In last Nifty trade,In one lot I have made 4800 profits after deducting the commission, After joining ur team in May 2015, all of ur trades are given profits.I wish and thank SOKHI sir for the amazing calls and for making our life happier. I thank Almighty God for giving me the great friend like Sokhi sir. God less you Sir.Kind regards..Vijay R..Azerbaijan ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Respected Sir, It was a gr88 call "7400 Pe", Really superbb !!! I will be very much thankful to you when you start the INDEX Options Subscriptions.Eagerly w8ing for this service.Thank you. Regards ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Paa Ji, Great call on Nifty Put......sold 4 lots at 45 and bought at 13.5. Cheers, Abhishek ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sirji..Bought 250 qty NF 7400 put at 45.0 on 1st oct and sold all today at 13. Made Rs 8000/- in less than a week . Thank you very much . Waiting for your next call ! regards..M.A.Raheman, Chennai ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ We are very much happy we booked profit at 13.20 400qty..Slowly and steadily good profit statygy..Rgds..Vinod Shah ..Life member ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear sir..Booked profit in nifty 7400 call great work . you are the master of options stratejy . keep it up and congrats to sokhi team ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Sir, Excellent call. I request you to give such calls (shorting call/put options) regularly so that people can make regular income monthly :) Regards, Rajesh ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Sokhi Team Mates..excellent !! Very good profit within a week of having entered into the nifty trade...Day by day your skills are becoming superior, just entered in XXX put short trade @ XX p l. Earlier i never dared put short trade, but with your superb expertise dont even blink before putting order...thanks n regards -Bhatia..978XXX807 ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi,Booked profit as suggested in Nifty PE 7400. Looking forward for the next trade.Thanks and regards, Venu ]

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Sokhi Sir, Booked 6k profits in nifty 7400 put. Awesome :) Cheers..Riz ]

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PROOF VIDEO 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_05DIf1V9hI&list=UU8Zczdi-oyFb1wgJQ4e9qjw
PROOF VIDEO 2- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqk9hVR0Ox0
PROOF VIDEO 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGyPazUmGck
PROOF VIDEO 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vc4AnNGp7A
PROOF VIDEO 5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqwflJhzess

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