Saturday, May 30, 2015

DISH TV Futures an amazing 40,000+ profits for ALL [ Join Sokhi Team of Real Traders for June Series ]

Hello Blog Readers,

Yesterday we booked DISH TV Futures an amazing 40,000+ profits !

The most remarkable thing about this is that we made profits here when all other traders were loosing money terribly.

Even if a sharp downfall in NIFTY in last few weeks from could not stop DISH TV from going up.

In my 10 yrs of experience the most precious thing I have learnt here is PATIENCE.

Stock Market is a Medium of Transferring Money from the Impatient to the Patient :-)

CLICK HERE to VERIFY the Contract Notes of 40,000 PROFITS.

** Click here to Enlarge.

READ BELOW THE EXCITEMENT of Mr. SHYAB M who trades from Netherlands - He think this is a JOKE - Its a GOD CALL :-)

** Click here to Enlarge. [ Dear Bhai, This is called a "GOD call". Booked Dish TV successfully at 90.55, bought at 80. 80 PUT (insurance) bought at 0.75 still open. Net profits: 40,000/- in a single call. Is this a joke?? Please await my appreciation video as promised, very soon.Thanks, Shyam ]


** Click here to Enlarge. [ Chanpreet bhai, Please find the attachment for today's Dish TV contract notes which fetched a whopping 40K in a single future call. Currently, I am on a vacation to Delhi. Thanks to your profits on your previous Syndicate bank call(s), it sponsored my to & fro flight tickets from Netherlands..]

READ BELOW EMAIL from Mr.M DHAM a Life Time - Who learnt the Art of Patience - MADE 76,000+ in 2 lots.

** Click here to Enlarge. [ dear sokhi team..phew... after giving scare.... dish tv gave outstanding result...bght 2 lots avg 81.5 exited 91 profit 76,000/-...great going team .....this trade showed that patience pays...keep such good trades coming.....hoping syndicate to give the same or better result...manish ]

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