Thursday, October 9, 2014

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Dear Investors,

Hope you saw my LAST VIDEO in which I read 30+ Appreciation Mails from Real Traders of SOKHI TEAM which flooded my INBOX after we booked PROFIT in SBI FUTURES [ If missed Click here to Re-Watch it ].

TODAY I want to share with you two emails from Mr.Chandranathan.T.R from Kerala and Mr.Dorai Raj from ERODE. Just Read Below their Emails :

** Click here if the Image doesn't loads. Click here to Enlarge. " Dear Sir, I am T.R.Chandranathan from Kerala. I had earned Rs.198500/- profits in futures and options calls given you from 22.4.2014 to 26.9.2014 with a capital of Rs.4 lakhs.Hope we can continue our journey in great success. "

** Click here if the Image doesn't loads. Click here to Enlarge. " Heliow Sokhi Team Members,
This is Dorairaj from Erode in Southern part of India.I am in the share market business for the past 20 years.I lost money heavily in the share market and I could not make profit.I was searching various aspects and came across Sokhi Team two years ago. I left it as it is thinking it is one among the many where I may loose money again.Three months ago I came across the same Sokhi Team again. This time it is quite interesting to me and started to follow.I enrolled with the Sokhi Team and reading their mails regularly.I liked their way of approach,their teaching methods,and their open statements in the mail.I wanted to join immediately as a life member. Due to financial constrains I joined in the middle of August 2014 as life member of the Sokhi Team.I started my trade from September only.To my pleasant surprise I made a huge profit of 39,000/ in the September month itself which I never imagined.Hats of to Sokhi Team and its members.
The list of profit I made are as follows
Nifty 4000
SKS Micro 9700
SBIN 7500
SBIN 6000
SBIN 11,000
Once again I thank the Sokhi Team and I wish to establish my Love and Gratitude to them. "

*** I Appreciate that you are reading my email hence, I just wanted to share with you this amazing book " Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders " by Jack D. Schwager

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This classic interview-style investment text from a financial expert is a must-read for traders and professional financiers alike, as well as anyone interested in gaining insight into how the world of finance really works.

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We want to show our appreciation by giving you a gift from us. No qualifications required. Just our way of saying thank you ahead of time for being part of SOKHI TEAM

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