Thursday, October 16, 2014

Struggling to make in money trading Indian Stock Market ? Going from one tips provider to another ? Read below what Paras Chand and Viki has to say about SOKHI TEAM :-)

Dear Investors,

Sokhi Team of Real Traders wishes you Eid Mubarak. Though I cannot thank much but still I will grab this opportunity to thank yet again to all my students and subscribers for their never ending love and support towards me. On this day I would like to share with you 2 emails which I received just few days back, if you are Struggling to make money in STOCK MARKETS / If you are loosing money going from one tips provider to another or If you are looking to learn the Right Way of Trading then you must see these emails :

CASE STUDY 1 : Mr.PARAS CHAND, lost Rs 8 Lacs following Various Tips Provider.

** Click here if the Image doesn't loads. Click here to Enlarge. [ Sokhi sir, This is paras chand, who joined your team for a paid trail. I lost nearly 8 lakhs by following various tip providers before joining you.Now i am trading as per your calls and i am happy to say i have no stress now regarding my investment, i was able to make nearly 12,000 on previous two calls of SBI provided by you. I will soon be renewing my membership for life time...thanking you, paras chand ]

IMP - Mr.Parash Chand lost 8 lacs before he came in touch our SOKHI TEAM of Real Traders, Just think **** how much you can save :-) the most important points to be noted here is that he is making money Stress Free and he shall be soon renewing for a Life Time Membership, Just think *** WHY would a trader want to go for a LifeTime Membership with us ?

CASE STUDY 2 : Viki who was Skeptical about SOKHI TEAM has now Renewed and is confident to Support his family with the PROFITS :-)

** Click here if the Image doesn't loads. Click here to Enlarge. [ Hi Sokhi, I am a small trader and joined with you for 1 month trial. I have not taken the first 3 trades for the Sep'14 month since I was on travel that time. But I entered last two trades in SBI and minted the profits in 2 lots each (6200+5000 in 2 lots each). When I took both the calls the script SBI went down immediately and I am skeptical of the position. However, I had confidence in you and minted the money by sitting quiet. Thanks a lot Sokhi. Now I am very much confident to manage my family and parents with additional income. Now I want to renew my subscription to yearly package. I will transfer the subscription amount to you within 1 hour. Thanks once again...Regards, Viki ]

IMP : Viki has traded only few times with SOKHI TEAM and with just Few trades with us he realized the difference between Tips Provider and a Real Trader so much so that he is very much confident to manage his family and parents with this additional income :-)

One of our LIFE TIME MEMBER of SOKHI TEAM has sent us his Video Testimonial - Click here to See Mr.Raju Chowksey Video Testimonial

** Click here if the Video doesn't loads. Click here to PLAY. [ http://youtu.be/GGHosFVyxrM ]

*** IMP - Listen Carefully as to what he has said, MONEY has been made with SOKHI TEAM with no STRESS at all and 100% PEACE of MIND. ( I Bet **** you must have experienced HEARTBEAT RISING when following some advisory or tips giving company + the extra tension of sitting in front of your computer screen doing Intraday Trades and Still Loosing Money )

JOIN SOKHI TEAM of REAL TRADER for Relax Trades :-) IF YOU MISSED CLICK HERE - http://youtu.be/GGHosFVyxrM ad see this VIDEO TESTIMONIAL NOW !

WE LIVE our LIFE not AS it is, We LIVE our LIFE as WE ARE....this email is being read by almost 8,000+ subscribers and daily we get all sort of mails and queries some people are skeptical about us, some think we are fake, some think all the contract notes and videos of traders which we show are all fake and fabricated...but personally **** I love each one of them and I don't expect to Impress or Satisfy all my subscribers BCOZ the best way to be UNHAPPY is if you want to make everybody Happy or if u expect all to be HAPPY with you coz some people are unhappy with themselves and not matter HOW Much you may try they shall Never be HAPPY :-) [ Moreover Im a trader myself and I make some serious money with own trades so I need not impress anybody :-) ha ha ]

SEE this VIDEO by Mahatria - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3Bsg9F3Ays - Two ways to be unhappy in life :-) Just Watch this and Let me know if u Agree with this ******

"None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith."

I invite you to JOIN our SOKHI TEAM for OCTOBER SERIES :  HOW and WHY JOIN - OUR TEAM of TRADERS - Click here - http://sokhisharetips.blogspot.in/2014/03/why-and-how-to-join-sokhi-paid-services.html


You can now make your payment Online though Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Online Banking to be a Part of SOKHI TEAM :

Payment for 3 months Subscription of SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 9,450 - ** Rs 450 extra as processing charges )
Payment for 6 months Subscription of SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 12,600 - ** Rs 600 extra as processing charges )
Payment for 12 months Subscription of SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 17,850 - ** Rs 850 extra as processing charges )
Payment for LIFETIME ASSOCIATION with SOKHI TEAM ( Click Here - Rs 28,950 - ** Rs 950 extra as processing charges )

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