Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meet Mr.Raheman a Senior Citizen and a Retired Scientist from Defence [ 3 Simple Steps to Profit ] - JOIN TODAY for August Series :-)

Dear Investors, ** Enable Display Images to View this email***

Hope you remember my yesterday's email which i sent you at ***** about Mr.Prasad from Andhra Pradesh who Paid 28,000 for Lifetime and Made 29,950 in his first call [ click here to recall ]

This is CASE STUDY of Mr.Raheman ma from Chennai, a senior citizen aged 68 and a retired Scientist from Defence R & D.

STEP 1 >>> Just like you **** this gentleman was closely following all our newsletters and videos, On 8th August the enquired about joining our Service and how we go about trading. After being satisfied he decided to join our SOKHI TEAM for 3 months paying Rs 9,000 [ Click to see the Snapshot of his Email Conversation ]

STEP 2 >>> On August 9th the Gentleman Paid the Charges deposited Rs 9,000 in our bank account - in ICICI Bank , Korattur Branch , Chennai - 600080. [ Click to see the Snapshot of his Email Conversation ]

STEP 3 >>> On August 11th he entered his First Trade - Bought Tatamotors Fut at 478 and on August 11th he booked his first PROFITS at 475 - Rs 27,000 - this is email he sent : [ Click to see the Snapshot of his Email Conversation ]
" Sir ,I bought at 447.5 and sold at 475. Profit of Rs 27000/- on first day of trading with you that too in less than 24 hrs. Thanks for you & your team. Just Fantastic ! Never had such experience before in last 15 years of trading ! "

Below is the Snapshot of the FULL EXPERIENCE of the GENTELMAN - in JUST THREE STEPS - 3 STEP to PROFIT :-) click here to see the image

** Click here to see the Image. Click here to Enlarge.

If you keep doing the same thing, then you will keep getting the same results. Change your way of Trading.

ALWAYS KEEP  A REALISTIC APPROACH if u want to SURVIVE and GAINS in STOCKS (You probably went for HUGE gains Hence incurred Loss)
 If u have any query call me back on +91 9239 176 426

ONLY HANDFUL of Well PLANNED and COMMITTED Trades in a MONTH can easily make your reach your FINANCIAL GOALS .

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"You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen."

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