Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet Mr.Bhogendra Nath Ji from Karnataka - Why do you think he chose to be a SOKHI LIFETIME MEMBER ??

Dear Investors,

HOPE you are doing GREAT TODAY just a small update for you we are on the verge of booking another 15,000 - 18,000 profits in our 2nd Trade for August Series. NOW here is CASE STUDY of Mr.Bhogendra Nath from Karnataka, His journey with SOKHI TEAM has been a Phenomenal one. I shall not say much I want you to draw your own conclusion ***.

21st APRIL 2014 - He joined our SOKHI TEAM by Paying Rs 16,000 [ New charges are Rs 19,000 ] for 12 months. See below the email he sent us :

** Click here if the Image doesn't loads. Click here to Enlarge.

21st AUGUST 2014 - In JUST 5 Month he has TAKEN LIFE TIME Membership of SOKHI TEAM by paying another Rs 28,000. See below the email he sent us :

** Click here if the Image doesn't loads. Click here to Enlarge.

NOW here are the Questions Which u NEED to ASK yourself ****** :

1. Why did he went for SOKHI LIFE TIME Membership ??
2. He could have again renewed on APRIL 2015 by paying 12 month Charges.
Why he did it now ??
3. He could have paid 12 months charges next year.
4. He could have become a LIFE TIME MEMBER when his membership was due renewal next year,
WHY he did it now ??
WHY did did PAID FULL 28,000 just after paying 16,000 few months before ??
WHY DID he JUST GRABBED our SOKHI LIFE TIME OFFER ?? He PAID 44,000 as subscriptions charges WHY dat too in only 6 months??

ANSWER to all these QUESTIONS is SIMPLE - He has LOVE & TRUST for SOKHI TEAM !! MORE than the PROFITS he MADE with our TEAM he has learnt the ART OF TRADING - His view towards market has changed from GAMBLE / SATTA / UNCERTAINTY to a WONDERFUL BUSINESS which always gives you MONEY / PROFITS / FINANCIAL SECURITY :-)

IMPORTANT STUFF :: All Traders think that in STOCK MARKET the main thing is to EARN PROFIT !! BUT Believe me the MOST IMPORTANT thing is HOW TO MANAGE LOSS :-) Bcoz 8 out 10 trades you enter will show some losses but if u know how to Manage your LOSSES, How to CONVERT a LOSS making trade into a PROFITABLE ONE you will always SURVIVE and MAKE MONEY :-)

Its like SWIMMING - FIRST thing you have to LEARN is HOW to FLOAT - PADDLE - CONTROL/ HOLD your BREATH so that you DON'T SINK and then you LEARN how to SWIM BACK and FRO :-) SIMILARLY in TRADES you need to LEARN how to SURVIVE, MANAGE your CAPITAL and then how to make consistent profits :-)

See these Videos which our SOKHI TEAM Members sent from all Over INDIAN and Abroad :-)

==> See Gaurav Jain VIDEO - Has MADE MORE MONEY in LAST 6 month, than we have he lost in last 1 year !
==> See Varun Ji VIDEO - Capital APPRECIATED from 2 LACS to 2.80 LACS in few months !

==> See S.Deol VIDEO - She trades from Cambridge, U.K - Lost 2.50 lacs before JOINING our SOKHI TEAM !
==> See S.Andrew VIDEO - He is Member of our Team from last 2 years, Trades from Middle East !

"None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith."

ONLY HANDFUL of Well PLANNED and COMMITTED Trades in a MONTH can easily make your reach your FINANCIAL GOALS .

Be a Real Trader with SOKHI TEAM :WHY JOIN - OUR TEAM of TRADERS - Click here - http://sokhisharetips.blogspot.in/2014/03/why-and-how-to-join-sokhi-paid-services.html

"You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen."


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