Saturday, July 19, 2014

A MUST WATCH VIDEO of our SOKHI TEAM Member from Cambridge, England [ JOIN our Team fro REAL TRADES in INDIAN STOCK MARKETs ]

Dear Investors,

This is a Must Watch Video of Mrs.Symar Deol a member for our SOKHI TEAM from Cambridge, England.

READ HER STORY : She was an Medium to Long Term Investor in Indian Stock Markets, like you *** she also thought that Trading can given her huge returns, she googled for some stock tips provider in India and after seeing their Performance Sheet she subscribed to their service which promised HUGE RETURNS in SHORT TERM. These were the problem which she faced -

** Although they promised Huge Returns and Lured her though their fancy Performance Sheet - She hardly got any tips which gave her profits most of them were exited in Loss - Stoploss Triggered. [ Not to mention she paid 25,000+ as subscriptions charges for Sure Shot Calls ]
** Every day she got 3 - 6 trades sms on her mobile which confused here which one she should buy and which one she should avoid, as its not possible to keep 3-6 open positions at a time.
** Although on their website they still showed HUGE RETURNS in their Performance Sheet, she actually experienced here capital going down day by day.
** She still was hopeful to recover her lost capital - she then subscribed for Options Tips which promised 100 - 200% returns in 1-2 months, Result - the options she bought most of them expired worthless which resulted in her loosing 2.5 lacs capital in 3 months of Options trading.
SHE then by chance stumbled on our website http://www.schoolofnifty.com where she registered her email. She started getting our newsletters the same way you are ****, the first thing that struck her attention was what ' WE WERE AGAINST INTRADAY TRADING ' and that ' Options Buying is one of the best way to loose Money '.
**She went through all our emails in which we showed our Contract Notes and Video testimonials of other traders.
**She went through all our FREE TRAINING VIDEOS and Golden Rules of Trading Indian Markets.

Mrs.Deol after satisfying herself fully with our daily emails and realistic claims decided to be a Member of our SOKHI TEAM. Watch here VIDEO HERE and see the SMILE on her FACE.

**Click here if this MUST WATCH VIDEO doesn't loads.

ONLY HANDFUL of Well PLANNED and COMMITTED Trades in a MONTH can easily make your reach your FINANCIAL GOALS *****.

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