Sunday, March 23, 2014

DOES 50,000 IN 4 TRADES Excites you ?? Listen to What MANJOY YADAV Has to SAY about our Services - Special Discount if you JOIN till 26th MARCH - Don't Miss !

DOES Rs 50,000 in 4 trades excites you ?? Well I know few of friends who work 6 days a week, 10 am to 8 pm and barely mange to take home this amount (Rs 50,000++ ). We are SUPER EXCITED this week as you know first two trades in LIC and APPOLLO TYRES fetched us Rs 38,000, our next 2 trades is on the verge to give us another 18,000+ Profits till expiry Next week - THAT is 55,000 + PROFITS with 4 TRADES.

Now here come the Best Part - Members who joined our FULL PACK @ Rs 16,000 for 12 months - Earned 3 times what they paid us in first month it self - CHEERS !! You must be knowing the Calls which we share with our Paid Subscribers are traded by us too in multiple lots so obviously our PROFITS is almost 5-6 times more that our members.

 **HENCE FOR you we have this SPECIAL DISCOUNT COUPON of Rs 250 for all members who join this weekend.

PAY us Rs 15,750 if you subscribe to FULL PACK (Stock Futures , Options + Nifty Pack ) and PAY Rs 9,750 if you subscribe to NIFTY PACK.

**YOUR DISCOUNT COUPON is VALID till 26th MARCH 2014. Any queries mail us at sokhitrading@gmail.com or call us at 09239 176 426

IMP - Also Listen to this AUDIO of one of our Recent Subscriber (Mr.Manoj Yadav JI, Sharing his one month Experience with us )
The Audio is in HINDI - Click here to Play - Listen Carefully !!

JOIN Today to Make 2014-2015 a Profitable Financial Year. Call us at 09239 716 426 or mail us at sokhitrading@gmail.com

Just 2 - 4 trades in a Month : Spend just Few Minutes Trading, No Intraday, No Tension, Only Relax Trades.

NOTE : " You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change... "

JOIN TODAY for Rs 16,000 for 12 months (FULL Pack which includes NIFTY PACK)  / Rs 10,000 for 12 months (Only NIFTY PACK) - rush ur mails to sokhitrading@gmail.com or Call us now 09239 176 426

** If you join TODAY you Shall Get Rs 250 Discount on the Above Packages **

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