Tuesday, March 4, 2014

13 Ways To Tell If You'll Ever Be Rich - NIFTYBABA.in - Registration Open till 10th March 2014 - Rs 10,000 for 12 months

There are traits the successful entrepreneurs have in common. That’s not to disqualify anyone that doesn’t fit under these guidelines, but they can give you an idea if you are one of a select few that can rise to the top of your field.

1. You have to be willing to work hard. It’s the cornerstone of every successful person. Colin Powell: “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

2. You are not a quitter. You actually hate giving up. Even if there are setbacks, you will persevere until you make progress or have exhausted all means of resolving a problem.

3. That work ethic and determination stem from one thing: passion. You love what you do and you do it for the satisfaction, not for the money. That’s not to say you shouldn’t make money; it’s to say your love for the work is stronger than the drive for money.

4. You are creative. Look, you can be a math whiz, but it you don’t know what to do with those numbers, it’s not such a big deal. You need to be bubbling with ideas. Some may be corny and never pan out, but others could turn into mega success stories. People such as Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver came up with lots of ideas that didn’t amount to squat.

5. You stay current. You are not afraid to learn about trends and how they will impact your dreams or how they could impact your ideas.

6. The ability and willingness to learn are important. There’s a saying: “The best leaders are the best listeners.” Someone doesn’t have to be a brainiac for you to learn from him/her. A farmer can teach you more about food than a college-educated nutritionist.

7. You are willing to take chances. However, don’t jump the gun and think that’s an OK to head to the casino. It’s about taking calculated risks: well thought-out plans.

8. You’re smart. Again, going to school is a good thing, but you also need good common sense. Successful business owners tend to be people with above-average intelligence.

9. You are a visionary. That means you can see the big picture. You can see beyond your great idea and how it can grow and impact the world.

10. You’re a completer. You don’t leave projects unfinished.

11. You recognize your weakness. You are not afraid to realize you are stuck and need help.

12. You’re excited. People love to be around you because you exude this energy that is attractive. And that’s important because you are not going to be able to climb the mountain of success alone. You are going to have to be able to attract investors or the expertise of others. And if they love being around you, that’s half the battle.

13. You take care of yourself. No one expects you to look like Beyoncé or Tyson Beckford, but your health is important to keeping your mind sharp and your body ready for long days or hard work

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