Thursday, December 26, 2013

24 Dec 2013 - JACKPOT EXPIRY CALL given to PAID Members YES BANK 380 PUT from 3 to 9 (200% returns) Missed it ?? TAKE 12 months MEMBERSHIP for Rs 15,000 now

Dear Investors,

We had a SUPER DUPER December Series almost 45,000 PROFITS with handful of trades. I personally still feel sorry for seeing investors who do 3-4 trades in a day and still end up with loss at the end of the series to add up more to their misery they also have to pay the brokerages for so many trades....WE NEED TO CHANGE THIS APPROACH FRIENDS, this just doesn't works.

Always keep a REALISTIC APPROACH to your trades do not dream to earn HUGE PROFITS from SMALL CAPITAL, infact from a CAPITAL of 1 LAC if u expect 30,000 returns in a months its just awsum guys  !!

On 24th DEC we asked our members to enter YES BANK 380 PUT at 3 with no stop-loss as the risk was limited and BOOM BOOM it BLASTED to our TARGET 9 - an amazing 200% returns on CAPITAL....

NOW HERE is OUR OFFER to 20 Investors - JOIN OUR TEAM and GO for REAL TRADES in 2014 - GET a SOKHI MEMBERSHIP for Rs 15,000 for 12 months - ONLY FIRST 20 INVESTORS GET IN - Rush ur mails to sokhitrading@gmail.com or call us at 09239 176 426

TO BECOME RICH YOU NEED TO HAVE A PROPER MIND SET and the RIGHT APPROACH CLICK HERE and DOWNLOAD this MP3 from JIMM BRITT Listen CAREFULLY and give us your feedback to sokhitrading@gmail.com

DO NOT MISS the OFFER GUYS - LET us MOVE in the RIGHT DIRECTION for our FINANCIAL SUCCESS - Rs 15,000 for 12 months

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