Thursday, November 7, 2013

Today BLAST in AXISBANK 1200 CALL from 51 to 66 - AMAZING 3,000+ PER LOT, DO NOT MISS Lifetime Offer 22,000 - only 8 Seats left !!

Dear Investors,

It feels great to see you'll respect and love for a genuine technical analysis. We received more than 100 (Hundred) Appreciation mail from Investors who has invested their money in DLF 155 PUT and in today TRADE the PUT has doubled yes from 5.50 to 11 - an AMAZING 100% returns this the best of OPTIONS Trading limited risk and unlimited gains.

Even today we GAVE a BUY CALL on NIFTY to all the 4,900 FREE MEMBERS of our GROUP here https://www.facebook.com/groups/sokhi/ - BLAST from 6265 to 6315 - AMAZING 5,000 (2 lots) or 50 pts PROFIT in NIFTY...WHAT MORE U WANT  in FREE TRIALS GUYS ??? (see the beside image and verify for yourself )

PAID MEMBERS TODAY BOUGHT - AXIS BANK 1200 CALL at 51 near the trendline see the image and BLASTED to 66 see the IMAGE - AMAZING 3,000 PROFITS per LOT. Thanks to the ALMIGHTY till now in NOVEMBER SERIES we haven't booked LOSS in any OPTIONS CALLS..VOWWWWWWW !!!

WANT to GET SUCH CALLS for LIFETIME you need to pay only Rs 22,000..( 8 SEATS LEFT ) rush ur mails to sokhitrading@gmail.com or call us at 09239 176 426


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