Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trade Summary for 14th & 15th OCTOBER - DIWALI BUMPER offer JOIN for Rs 16,000 for 12 months offer valid for 30 INVESTORS YOU CANNOT MISS this TIME !!

Dear Investors,

Here is the TRADE SUMMARY for 14th and 15th OCTOBER - MARUTI 1450 CALL which we bot at 39 ahicved our TGT 60+ an awesome 50% returns or PROFIT - 5,000 PER LOT.

Yesterday our office was closed yesterday due to DUSSERA but in our NEWSLETTER we asked our PAID MEMBERS to SELL AURO PHARMA fut at 215 -215.50 levels and DURING MKT hrs we asked to BOOK at 212-212.50 levels and awesome 4000 - 5000 GAINS per lot. You can see the snap of the trade where we asked to sell near the TRENDLINE RESISTANCE - RED LINE and see how it BLASTED to our TGTS. Yesterday we ALSO entered TATASTEEL 300 PUT at 9 and BOOKED quick fire 1,500 GAINS at 10.50 levels...

WE HAVE entered a MULTIBAGGER OPTION CALL FOR NOVEMBER SERIES investment only 3,500 and WE EXPECT atleast 4 to 5 times returns here....!! JOIN our DIWALI BUMPER OFFER of Rs 16,000 for 12 months to GET THIS CALL !!

TODAY we BOT REC FUT at 190.50 levels with a small SL 188 we insisted our members to HOLD ON even when it was down to 189 levels as risk was less - LATER we BOOKED it at 192.50 levels - an awesome 2,000 GAINS.


DO NOT MISS our DIWALI BLAST OFFER for only 30 INVESTORS - 12 months membership for Rs 16,000 for 12 months ( 2,000 rs discount ) rush ur mails to sokhitrading@gmail.com  

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