Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sweet and Small BLASTS in FUTURES n OPTIONS - CIPLA 420 CALL, LICHOUSING and M&M Futures - 11 SEATS Left for our DIWALI BUMPER OFFER to END !!

Dear Investors,

Everyday we get many emails ask for TRIALS but when we  do give them all investors say we missed it - click here to recall - we clearly mentioned here that we are bullish on CIPLA - We asked to BUY 420 CALL at 5-5.50 levels TODAY it BLASTED to our TGT 9 an amazing 4,000 PROFITS per lot.

Yesterday we asked our PAID MEMBERS to BUY LIC HOUSING Futures at 210.50 TODAY it BLASTED to TGT 213.50 most members booked 2000+ gains, ALSO BOOKED 1,500+ gains in CIPLA and TODAY we SOLD M&M futures at 875 levels and BOOKED 3000 GAINS in it. SO we BOOKED 2,000 + 1500+ 3000 = 6,5000-7,000 PROFITS in last 2 session.

NOTE : Only these calls given to PAID MEMBERS in LAST 2 DAY. Only 11 Seats left for our DIWALI BUMPER OFFER to END - Rush ur mails to sokhitrading@gmail.com 

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