Sunday, September 8, 2013

Remember our LAST POST already 100 PTS RALLY done in NIFTY see the POWER of CHARTS - ( Paid subscribers made 4000+ in TATA MOTORS CALL )

Dear Investors,

We shall now be updating the charts for stocks and index which can give you the best of returns in few days ( make sure you execute your orders near or above the trendline with proper stoploss ) in your LAST POST CLICK HERE to recall http://sokhisharetips.blogspot.in/2013/09/nifty-view-for-6th-september-200-points_6.html - we had given the simple analysis of NIFTY DAILY CHARTS and JUST see the POWER of CHARTS above the TREND LINE it gave a move of 100 PTS in NIFTY from 5595 to 5700+ - YOU WANT MORE TRIALS ???

On FRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER - we gave our PAID SUBSCRIBERS to BUY TATAMOTORS FUT at 316 levels and BOOKED 4,000+ gains although it achieved our TARGET for 321 +, you can see below the INTRADAY CHART of TATAMOTORS and ALSO see the POWER of CHARTS !!

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