Friday, March 23, 2012

ANOTHER PROOF - FREE TRIAL GIVEN to 400+ online users OF MUDRAA.COM - HDIL 95 CALL from 3.80 to 9.80 - HUGE 157% returns or Rs 12,000 profit per lot..

Dear Investors,

Sometimes we get email from investors ****SIR HOW DO WE CONFIRM IF U GUYS are REAL ??****, ****WHAT IF we pay the FEES and THEN you DON'T PROVIDE THE SERVICE ??****, ****SIR IF U GUYS EARN SO MUCH THEN WHY DON'T YOU TRADE YOUR SELF and MAKE MONEY**** - I REALLY PITTY these investors asking such questions - Its like telling A DOCTOR WHY DON'T U ONLY TREAT YOURSELF and not the patients - DOESN'T IT SOUND FUNNY GUYS ??? - ALSO DO remember even the best of SPORTS MAN - FROM SANIA MIRZA to SACHIN TENDULAR they all need to a COACH or a TRAINER to GUIDE THEM - we provide the same service to all the investors who take our services.......

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